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Merging Sports Instruction with Math & Reading!

Helping Physical Educators

Physical education class (PE) requirements vary from state to state and classes are being reduced or cut across the country and at the same time, schools are spending additional time and money to raise test scores for math, reading and science.

Physical education assists and improves mental and emotional development in children as well as fighting the battle of obesity. Physical education classes help children learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Increasing Learning Through Physical Activity

Studies show that kids learn faster and retain more when they are instructed in an easy, fun manner. Physical education, activity and movement will not reduce academic learning – it may actually increase it!


The abc123 Instructional Program

two girls with teacherThe abc123 Program is a sport instructional program; using a set of letter and number-marked balls and instructor guides to teach and help children improve their fundamentals of the sport as well as math and reading.

Why Bring abc123 Tennis to Physical Education Class?

  1. You are bringing the fundamentals of math and reading to the gym in a fun, movement-based manner.
  2. You will be teaching the kids a life long sport that encourages fun, leadership and discipline while improving strength, endurance and self-esteem.

The concept of abc123 is to bring athletics and academics together through cooperative game play. Kids participate in a variety of fun and movement-based Introduction and Warm Up drills, fun and movement-based Progressions for Player Improvement (Developmental Drills) and fun and movement-based Games that incorporate both physical and educational skills.

Kids that are usually hesitant to participate in a sport activity are excited to join a group that requires math and reading skills that they have an interest in or excel at.


Patent-Pending Transition Balls

transition ballsPatent-pending transition balls are marked with a letter and a corresponding number. Kids select a marked ball to count, identify letters and numbers, associate letters with words while rolling, tossing, catching, bumping, hitting, running or bouncing the ball. Because the environment is controlled, over-hitting, over-throwing and chasing balls are limited.

Fun leads to engagement, meaning, purpose and learning!



The abc123 Instructor Guides

The abc123 Program includes instructor guides of more than 70 Progressions for Player Improvement (Developmental Drills) and more than 100 energetic movement Games. In addition to an outline and a curriculum for teaching tennis, reading and math skills are included.

Flexible lesson plans are used for each skill session so Instructors can adjust plans based on ability, skill and improvement.

The Tennis Progressions start with teaching rolling and catching skills, using a ball and racquet, tennis Forehand/Backhand Bump, Forehand/Backhand Volley, Underhand/Overhand Serve and Forehand/Backhand Groundstroke.


The Method Used to Teach Kids 10 & Under
Tennis Has Changed

boy playing tennisJust like other sports – adjustments have been made for age, size and skill. Tennis now uses age-appropriate racquets, lower compression (transition) tennis balls, net height and court size. So, many drills and games can be set up using a ball, line, designated area, rope or caution tape.



Ball Games Designed Specifically for PE Classes

Special ball games (no tennis racquest required) designed specifically for Physical Education are also included in the abc123 intructor guides. All games are easily converted to abc123 along with distance, bounce, speed, and power as well as adjusting math and reading applications. Special needs teachers find the balls very useful when working on repetitive skills for movement, language or math basics.

abc123 Programs

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“I have used the ABC letter balls to help with letter identification, letter sounds and spelling first names in my Physical Education classes.  They are light weight and perfect for 3-6 years old to throw around the gym.  I would highly recommend purchasing them for your PE curriculum to help reinforce reading in the gym setting.”

Roxie Williams/Physical Education Teacher
Hmong International Academy
Minneapolis Public Schools

“The abc123 balls are a great added addition to any Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) program for students of varying abilities. They enhance active learning with added academic emphasis to include Math and reading skills. The abc123 balls can be used in so many ways to engage kids in fun and simple learning while they move and improve eye-hand coordination. I recommend the abc123 balls for physical education programs, special education programs and for students that want to learn in an active way! They are great!”

Bonnie Moren
Adapted Physical Education teacher

“I am using the abc123 Tennis format for our young tennis players. The system really works and keeps the kids interested throughout their group lessons. The kids continue to learn and improve their math, spelling, and reading skills by way of using the abc123 Tennis. Learning while playing tennis! What a wonderful concept!”

Raman Jayapathy

“abc123 is an amazing program! It should be used by any organization working with children and the development of their academic and athletic skills. The program is built with fantastic progressions that allow an instructor to work with very diverse groups of kids exhibiting wide ranges of academic and athletic skill levels. The cooperative design of the drills, games and lessons encourages and helps build very valuable leadership skills that are rarely addressed in other programs. Kids of all academic and athletic abilities are easily engaged. The kids are challenged with physical activity and at the same time practice their literacy and math skills. This is simply a BRILLIANT program!”

Marc Miller
Former Executive Director, Saint Paul Urban Tennis
Former Director of Player Development – USTA Northern

“The Players love it!, the Parents love it! And the Insructors love it!”

“ABC 123 is a fun program that combines academic and athletic skills taught to 10 and under players of all abilities enjoy. The skills games and progressions make it easy for the instructors to plan and improvise their lessons if needed. The parents are all for it - academic skills combined with tennis skills, what a plus!”

Peggy Niccolai
Tennis Director Tuckaway Country Club

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